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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rain, Rats and Ranting

Ok, anyone who has been in earshot of me recently (which to be honest isn't that many of you!) will be extrememly bored of me complaining about the lack of rain recently - over two months to be exact! The drought has seen our water tank run dry and the trek to the river begin, as well as the consuming of some very dodgy looking water. However, I never wanted to be completely drowned which is what happened this morning when I got off the taxi in Umtata. Granted, it didn't take much given that I was only wearing a vest and pair of crop trousers (from which the dye has now run and turned my legs a beautiful shade of blue) and flip flops!

As great as it is that my water tank will now be filling up nicely such an extremem weather change is going to have other consequences. Firstly no doubt there will be a mosquito infestaion tonight along with termites and no doubt the rat population which is currently living in my house will expand.....

Speaking of rats, does anyone know how to get rid of them?? They are driving Noxy and I completely insane. They have now, somehow, managed to figure out how to get into our food bag, somehow undoing the zip, and then munching through our fruit and veg! We have tried traps and poison but they still wake us up every night, suggestions on a postcard please........

Anyway, on a more serious note, I can't believe that my time in the community is nearly over, just over a week and a half to go1 We have one more big event this Saturday for Women's Day which is going to be awesome. We have the local Radio staion and people from other NGOs and the Nelson mandela museum coming, along with some awesome performers. We have managed to bag ourselves the cricket stadium for free so are expetcing around 500 young people.....

We will be taking lots of young women from our community and on a personal level this event is probably the most important to me as a woman who has been submerged in Xhosa culture for the past 8 months. There are many aspects of Xhosa life which I love but the treatment of women is the one which winds me up the most.....and several of the male YAG members have been at the wrong end of my wrath at times concerning this issue. I do not appreciate being ordered around, even if it is just a carrot. I have made it my personal mission to teach Siphilele, one of the guys, how to peel his own carrot by the time I leave.

Anyways, before I launch into a rant my time is almost up and I am heading back out into the tropical storm. I hope all is well and any suggestions for rats would be much appreciated!


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